ANZ goMoney + Internet Banking

ANZ’s goMoney app has always been the best way to bank by phone or tablet, whether iOS or Android. Complete with a host of new shortcuts and features based on testing and user feedback, it’s powerful yet simple, intuitive and scalable.

The bank's Internet Banking platform also continues to evolve as its brand and customer needs change. This included an update of the ‘Accounts’ page for a better view of accounts, balances and options at a glance.

artwork-1IB_Home Page_1280x733IB_Home Page_crop_1280x733artwork-3goMoney_Kiwisaver_in use

ANZ goMoney and Internet Banking are moving closer and closer together, to provide an improved and consistent cross-platform customer experience.

Everything about these two ongoing projects is agile-based, so we work closely with the bank’s digital banking teams (often from their office), providing the strategic direction, UX and user testing, UI, assets and specs for the developers to work their magic.

  • Client

    ANZ Bank

  • Deliverables

    iOS, Android app, Internet Banking designs

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