Senior Motion Designer

Job Description

At Dave Clark Design we work with clients to create slick moving images that really bring brands to life. We love digital but embrace print. We are founded in aesthetics, but also in utility.

As a senior motion designer, you have a passion for visual design and animation. You’re fluent in the usual suspects - Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and C4D. But more importantly, you can take a project from the very beginning and come up with a way to tell the story visually. 

You’ll be working alongside a friendly team of senior designers in our Mac-based Auckland studio on a mix of projects including branding, sponsorship, promos, UI and information design.

In return for your amazing craft and energy we offer the opportunity to work on interesting motion projects for big brands (rather than the local shop), a unique collaborative culture and sane working hours so you can enjoy life. Plus, world-class Christmas excursions!

Can you bring something new and exciting to our studio? If you put the ‘pro’ in professional, send us your CV using the link below.

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